Engineering services

Main engineering services we offer are:
aprovvLegal Engineering - Permitting - We support and give assistance in resolving technical-legal needs and issues. We provide design and documentation for legalization and / or adequacy of facilities and activities.
IngBasConceptual and basic engineering - We perform conceptual and basic design bringing our extensive experience in the design and operation of industrial facilities such as production facilities, waste management facilities, port terminals, logistic infrastrucutres for bulk products, etc..

tankdesigndiagramConstructive design and detail engineering -
We perform constructive design bringing our expertise in the development of the detailed engineering for construction. We have expertise and experience in civil, structural, electrical, process, instrumentation, control, and mechanical and environmental engineering.

Construction management and supervision- We provide our expertise in the project execution and implementation management. We also carry out supervision and control of all aspects involved in the construction and industrial projects.  
Health and safety coordination and supervision- We provide our expertise in the coordination and supervision of health and safety coordination in the works. We conduct these services by trained personnel in industrial engineering and higher degree in health and safety.